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Myra Conner

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Hairsense is your source for preferred professional seamless bone combs, select hard to find professional brushes and DoTerra essential oils. My 40+ years as entrepreneur has been about designing, sourcing and sharing exceptional beauty and wellness products for your ideal lifestyle.

Men’s Hair: Dry Vs. Wet Styling

Combs & brushes for Men
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This section is about comparing the two major ways of styling your hair.

When Wet Styling Is Better

In wet styling – the hair is ideally damp (not soaking wet or straight from the shower). The moisture works to your advantage when your hair has a ton of curls or coils. The benefits are as follows:

  • Wet styling lessens the amount of fuzz (especially for tightly coiled hair).
  • It allows your fingers or the hairbrush to run through the hair more smoothly.
  • It lubricates the hair so that the product is spread more evenly.
  • It gives the hair a fuller and smoother appearance.
  • You end up using less product (and saving more money) since it’s been used more efficiently.

When Dry Styling Is Better

For guys with straight or longer hair, dry styling is more appropriate for these situations:

  • If your hair isn’t 100% naturally straight and you want to maintain its straightness, it’s better to style your hair dry (which is its strongest state).
  • Hair that’s been damaged or tangled up should be styled, pulled and blow-dried while it’s dry (since it’s more vulnerable in its wet state).
  • When you want a matte or non-shiny finish, and the hair kept exactly one way for a while – dry styling is the way to go

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